“He’s Got A Knife!”

October 19, 2009

Had an amusing thing happen at about five o’clock today. I was sitting at a table on the first floor of  McDonalds on the West End of Princes Street eating dinner and whoring the free wifi and there was a not insignificant group of teenagers of between 14 and 16 years of age causing chaos.

I quite understandably had sat as far from them as I could and pulled out my netbook in order to surf whilst eating my food.

After a short while I noticed a group of about a dozen or so of them migrate to tables near myself, and I also noted that they were all male. None of the females were coming with them.

Very soon thereafter one of the group comes up to my table – he couldn’t have been older than sixteen – and proceeds to ask me if I’m enjoying my burger. The situation was already suspicious but that nailed it. It’s McDonalds, the burgers are generic and you never would ask a random stranger if they’re enjoying their burger. It supported my suspicions so my hand slowly went into my pocket and gripped a hold of my multi-tool such that I could easily and quickly withdraw it.

Then this kid finished confirming my suspicions by asking in an overly-forced appearance of friendliness “That’s a nice laptop, isn’t it?”.

I knew what was going on. They’d figured I was an easy mark and were planning on robbing me.

Which was when, without even looking at the kid and still keeping my focus upon my netbook whilst saying “Yep, it is…”, I pulled my multi-tool out of my pocket and proceeded to flick out one of the blades.

It should be noted that the blades on it are all legal as in they are under three inches which means you don’t have to justify having it on your possession…

Anyway, the kid immediately turns around and shouts to his mates “He’s got a knife on him!”. Cheers kid. If I had been mistaken about his, and his friends, intentions originally then I’ve just had it confirmed that I was correct all along.

He quickly returned to his friends who all started moving away from me then very shortly left the restaurant.

It’s almost a shame. If they had tried anything then I could have had a lot of fun regardless of whether I was outnumbered or not. I never pick a fight but I’ll always end it…. Those kids definitely picked the wrong person as their mark, the interesting bit would be to see if they try anything like that anytime soon.